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Outsourced HR Services

Welcome to Outsourced Personnel Services (OPS)

What do we do?

We are experienced HR professionals providing outsourced human resource and personnel management services to small and medium size employers and HR project services to large employers. We provide our clients with a framework of employment contracts, policies and procedures and deliver practical advice and support in the management of employment problems as well as undertaking the provision of routine HR/Personnel administration work.  

To our clients, we are their 'HR Department'.

Who do we work with?

We work with employers that have taken the decision to use external HR professionals to manage employment issues and services such as contracts of employment, policies and procedures, employee assessment, poor performance, redundancies, disciplinary events, change management, high employee turnover, absenteeism, grievances and employment tribunals.

Clients that use our tailored services have saved tens of thousands of £ of avoidable costs and have stable and productive workforces, focused on the development of their businesses.

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"Human Resources as a function is becoming ever more complex as organisations strive to improve their performance.  Utilising seasoned HR Managers enables organisations to benefit from the collective experience of professionals that have 'been there and done it' before".


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